Rejoice, You’re Afflicted

old man

no teeth

he gave you pleasure

and the sweetest taste


we’re in an alley

of mucus off 13th and Locust

inadvertent transmission

diseased in the seventies




the swarm is now a street

cut down all the trees


The Next Step

This work is far from finished.

The last few months were in anticipation

of nothingness.

Escaping the inescapable.

Acceptance, the swarm generation is here.

Unfold the sealed pages

of time and find that there was solidarity.

Apply what is left.

The old ideologies are caskets.

Prepare now for space, and sabotage

those corporate plans for domination of the infinite black.

The international pseudo-taoist financial technocracy

is only beginning to bear it’s teeth.

Dig in for the long haul friends.

Do not praise, become.